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Chancellors CrossFit是一项国际附属的体育训练项目,基于在广泛的时间和模式域内持续进行各种不同的功能运动.  At the highest levels, elite CrossFit athletes are among the fittest people on Earth.

这 page will serve to explain the CrossFit model in general, as well as our goal in implementing this model at STMA.  BET体育365官方网址希望这将是一个有用的资源,为家长和学生运动员谁希望参加总理府综合健身. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the head coach, Deacon Brad Watkins, with any questions.

一些STMA的教员也是混合健身1级训练员,并在锻炼时提供帮助, 根据需要:



Charlie McCants

Dr. 杰克诺兰

Chancellors CrossFit At a Glance

  • BET体育365官方网址提供一个(免费的)高效的课后力量和训练项目,由混合健身1级教练领导.  这发生 everyday after school from 3:20-4:30pm.  在参加你的第一次锻炼之前,请参阅下面的混合健身参与者信息部分.

  • In all that we do, there is a heavy emphasis on athlete safety through a focus on mechanics and consistency.  Once these skills are well-established, intensity (heavier weight and speed) is added.

  • program can be infinitely modified (“规定”或“比例”-详情请参阅混合健身参与者信息)为所有学生和教师运动员, as well as for parents, 校友, and virtual learners via our on-line Google classroom.

  • BET体育365官方网址提供 constantly changing Workouts of the Day (WODs)包括以下内容(训练将在赛前一晚在谷歌教室中查看,以备准备):

    • Metabolic Conditioning - aerobic WODs

    • Gymnastics - bodyweight WODs that include push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, 等.

    • 举重 & Throwing - using barbells or medicine balls

    • 参加体育运动

  • Our goal is to become as proficient as possible in ten areas of physical skills or domains:

    • 心血管 & Respiratory Endurance

    • 耐力

    • 强度

    • 灵活性

    • 权力 

    • 速度

    • 协调

    • 敏捷性

    • 平衡

    • 精度


A Word about the safety of CrossFit:

Given the potential for intensity in CrossFit WODs, there exists some public misconception that CrossFit is dangerous.  Information about this false understanding is posted at the link below.

Can someone be injured participating in 参考?  Yes, as they might performing any physical activity.  是否有一些混合健身的运动员和教练在危险地(和自豪地)推动安全的边缘?  Yes, as there are in nearly every sport and physical activity. 

After two full years of the CrossFit program at STMA, with dozens of student and teacher athletes performing daily WODs, there have been 没有人受伤.  During that same time frame, there were numerous serious injuries (broken bones, 脑震荡, 韧带撕裂, 等.) in nearly every other sport offered at STMA. On the basis of these facts, participation in CrossFit is safer than participation in other sports at STMA. 

Does CrossFit Cause Injuries? Debunking the Myth:


Chancellors CrossFit Participant Information - please read before you attend the first WOD!

 What do participants need?

  • Participants need an up-to-date physical (uploaded to the rSchool website), a water bottle, athletic clothing and shoes.

When/Where are the workouts?

  • 每天放学后3:20到4:30在高层建筑进行锻炼.

An Important Note on Hydration

  • 一个正常水分的人不会在一天20-30分钟的锻炼过程中脱水, even when performed outside in high heat and humidity.
  • Sometimes student athletes confuse being hot for being thirsty, which can have negative or even dangerous consequences.
  • Drinking too much water during a WOD can easily cause an upset stomach.  Worse, drinking too much water can lead to a condition called 低钠血症, in which a person dilutes critical electrolyte levels, potentially causing life threatening 心 problems, amongst other health issues.

 Do I need to have CrossFit or other workout experience to participate? 

  • No previous experience is required to participate.  WODs可以是“规定”的体力要求(Rx),可以/应该根据每个运动员的需要“缩放”或划分.

What other information would be helpful before beginning 参考?

  • As with all sports, there are various terms used in 参考 WODs.  A general knowledge of them will be helpful and are described below.  这也将有助于你熟悉混合健身的一般模式,如各种链接和图表所描述的,在这一页的最后. 

    • “指定的”是BET体育365官方网址用来描述为高级或精英运动员设计的训练项目的术语.

    • “规模”这个术语是指以各种方式调整“规定的”训练,使其在需要时不那么先进.  Examples of scaling:

      • "Knee push-ups" instead of push-ups with legs extended ("strict" push-ups);

      • Reduction of the total number of reps from 100 to 75 to 50;

      • Perform the movements at a slower pace and/or with a lighter weight or no weight. 

    • “分割”指的是把重复的次数分成更容易控制的次数(也叫“分解”)。.  An example of partitioning:

      • If a WOD calls for 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups, the exercise could be broken down to complete 10 push-ups or 10 sit-ups at a time, with rest in between each set, until 100 reps or 10 sets of 10 reps have been completed.

  • In order to reach maximum performance potential, much emphasis is placed on athletes' sleep and nutrition.

    • At least 8 hours of sleep is suggested; 

    • Nutrition is suggested to be comprised of meat and vegetables, 坚果和种子, 一些水果, 小淀粉, 没有糖, and only enough to sustain muscle development and not fat.

  • You WILL be sore!

    • There is a need to distinguish between being sore from strenuous workouts and being injured.  一些以前没有进行过高强度体力劳动的学生运动员将肌肉和关节酸痛与受伤混为一谈.  We will regularly discuss the difference.  At the beginning of every WOD, we ask if anyone has any injuries of which we need to be aware.

  • 如果你有任何问题或受伤,请在每节比赛开始时通知教练.


CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

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What is CrossFit?

Defining 参考: Functional Movements


CrossFit is designed to develop these 10 general physical skills:

General Physical Skills


Theoretical Hierarchy of 发展

Theoretical Hierarchy of 发展


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