Mrs. Patricia Hartley

Service & Outreach Coordinator

Originally from the Hudson Valley in New York State, Patricia Hartley relocated with her husband to North Carolina in 1997. 1998年她的第一个女儿出生后,她成为了一名全职妈妈.

During the next 16 years Mrs. 哈特利发现了与无家可归者一起工作的热爱,并开始志愿帮助他们. In the spring of 2014 she took vows as a Lay Missionary of Charity. 同年,她担任STMA的服务和外展协调员. 

“我喜欢和STMA的学生一起在更大的罗利社区进行服务项目。. Hartley says. "I truly have the best job at the Academy!"