Mr. 迈克尔D 'Andrea


Michael D’Andrea studied engineering at the United States Naval Academy and then continued his studies in Pensacola, 飞行员培训. “I saw first hand how the critical thinking and the systematic approach to problem solving learned in a STEM education prepares you to take on real world challenges. 我的目标是帮助学生学会欣赏这些工具, and see how they apply even if the student is not looking for a future career as an engineer or a research scientist.” During his time teaching at the Virginia Military Institute he became aware of the poor formation that many college students had received in their secondary schools.  他对成为解决这个问题的一部分的兴趣促使他来到圣. 托马斯•莫尔学院, 他喜欢教科学和数学课程吗, 训练游泳队, 给技术影院的工作人员提供建议.


ldr D’andrea以B的成绩毕业.S. in Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy, and was selected for flight training. 在获得海军飞行员资格后, he completed deployments with the USS Essex and USS Bon Homme Richard out of Sasebo, Japan, 还有2515th海军空中救护分队离开巴士拉,伊拉克飞行mh -60骑士. He also qualified as a Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer supporting 2nd ANGLICO and 10thMarines, and worked on the operations staff for the Second Marine Expeditionary Force. 他教授领导学课程, 风险管理, 以及弗吉尼亚军事学院的海军武器系统.