Deacon Brad Watkins


Deacon Brad Watkins is the Academy’s headmaster. He also teaches electives in theology, art and design. 沃特金斯执事来到学院之前,曾在中学和大学教学多年,并担任过最高牧师迈克尔·F·布托的行政秘书数年. Burbidge, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh.

“我记得有一次让一群学生在黑板上写下他们认为BET体育365官方网址的基督教信仰的最终意义. 在几乎每一寸大木板上,学生们都有精彩的答案. One student however, wrote a simple word in the very center of it all – love.“他从十几岁起就参与了青年男女的形成, 执事沃特金斯已经明白这是BET体育365官方网址作为教育者所做的事情的核心, if we are to be fruitful, is love.

Deacon Watkins believes that “ours is a relational faith. 与上帝和彼此之间的亲密关系是BET体育365官方网址作为基督徒的本质. The extent to which we love God reflects the love we have for one another. In our school this truth is witnessed in how deeply teachers care for students, both in the classroom and out.  If we think back to the teachers we liked most, the ones that truly inspired us, they are usually the ones we feel cared the most about us.  And they are usually the ones we loved the most in return. As St. 约翰·博斯科说:“如果学生们爱老师,老师对他们的影响是巨大的.’“

“Personally, it is a blessing to be a part of this school family, 每天与如此优秀的教员合作,与如此不可思议的年轻男女在一个安全快乐的环境中工作,致力于为神更大的荣耀做一切事情.”

沃特金斯执事是罗马天主教罗利教区任命的永久执事.  He completed his B.Des. 在北卡罗莱纳州立大学设计学院获得平面设计和艺术+设计学位.F.A. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.